Various Iconography

A collection of some icons that

I designed recently for various projects.

Role: Visual Design



Throughout all of my recent projects, I’ve always found it very important to create and design all assets myself. This goes especially for icons, since they’re often very integral to the way your interface, visual identity or style comes across to the users.


Down belown you’ll find a collection of various icons that I have designed for projects during my internship, solo projects and projects that I worked on while freelancing. These range from simple mono-color icons to ‘realistic’ renders of objects.

RTL XL Casestudy

For the casestudy of RTL XL at Supersteil, I created some custom assets.

Supersteil About Page

For the story that Supersteil wanted to tell their audience, I created some cool visual elements.

Rosey icons

These are some of the icons that I made for

a custom CMS called Rosey.

Day of the Intern

Day of the Intern was a page that I designed at Supersteil to target possible candidates for an internship at Supersteil. These are some of the visuals that I created.

Pathé Icons

These are some of the icons that I made for

Pathé, a chain of cinemas across Europe.

Adobe User Group

This is a visual that I made for an AUG meeting about Digital Publishing.


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Made with love by Edwin de Jongh // 2013