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23andMe lets you experience your ancestry in a new way, by giving you a breakdown of your global ancestry by percentages, letting you connect with DNA relatives, giving you access to over 75 different reports on ancestry, traits and health - and more.

In 2015 their online dashboard that held all of this data was in desperate need of a redesign. 23andMe partnered with Fantasy Interactive to rethink their entire UX and visual design. My role on this project was Lead Designer, working closely together with the Fantasy UX team.

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For Everyone

Since 23andMe’s entire focus is about making genetics and ancestry as easy as possible to understand for anyone, there was a huge challenge on both the UX and visual side to translate the enormous amounts of data and reports to clear visualisations and an intuitive user dashboard.

Part of this effort was using their vibrant color branding to build fun and friendly illustrations, graphs and iconography. Big readable typography and good of use of white space, paired with color branding and easily digestable segmented reports ultimately paved the way for our redesign approach. 




Visualizing Your Ancestry

One of the biggest challenges we faced was coming up with an intuitive yet comprehensive overview for tracing your ancestry, genetric traits, health risks, heritage and several other variables. The total amount of pages designed for this part of the dashboard alone exceeded over 100 pages, including mobile.

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Additional Credits

UX Team

Additional Design

Design Intern

Vilia Ingriany
Timmy Chau

Claudio Guglieri

Adrien Thomas