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Snow Game

Snow is a snowsports video game for PC and Playstation 4 currently in Open Beta. It features skis, snowboards and even snowmobiles, with beautifully handcrafted mountains to play on.

I reached out to the Snow team early on as I was intrigued by the project and wanted to contribute. A few months later they hired me to work on their website and online identity. I was in charge of all art direction and visual design for this project.




The Mountain

For the main landing page we wanted to do something unique and refreshing. We came up with the concept of having the whole page feel like you’re scrolling down a snowy mountain, while explaining the main features of the game along the way.

Making this a reality, however, was a difficult process to figure out. By cutting up dozens of ingame screenshots and renders straight of CryEngine, the mountain slowly came to life, creating a unique parrallax scrolling experience for the user.




Completing The Look

Aside from the main landing page, the team at Snow also wanted a way to relay news and patch updates to their users and a platform on which users could share their own videos and screenshots from the game, and even participate in video contests.



Going Beyond

The Game

After the main website was finished, the team at Snow reached out to me again as they wanted to extend the game to their users browsers as well.

This resulted in a user profile page where players could see their stats, in-game items, challenges, videos and screenshots and their overal progress in the game.


Additional Credits

Additional UX

Jasper den Ouden