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Mobile App

Channel was the second project I’ve worked at during my time at Swipe Labs. As opposed to Swipe, I started work on Channel completely from the ground up. As Lead Designer I worked very closely with Marwan, the CEO and founder, to develop the vision that ultimately turned Channel into a proper app.

The concept behind Channel was to revolutionize the way video is watched on the go; vertical and on your phone, wherever you are. The product went through various iterations over the time it was developed, but the core vision alwasy remained. I was responsible for all UI, UX, illustration, animation, prototyping and branding.




Mobile Video

Channel started out as a platform for users to record and upload short 10 second videos to a ‘Channel’ of their choosing. These channels worked similarly to hashtags, in the sense that anyone could upload to any channel, or even multiple channels at once.

Eventually we also hired a team of professional video editors and content creators to collect the 10 most popular videos of the day from the internet and convert them into our format. This turned out to be a huge hit with our users and was dubbed the Daily Roundup.

Not long after, users were asking for the ability to upload longer videos. This turned into a need to be able to skip boring parts. That in turn lead to our version of ‘stories’. A collection of highlights taken from longer videos, in easy to digest vertical and short format.




Channels For


Eventually we decided to scrap the hashtag like channels and replace those with a dozen focused and branded channels, with professionally edited stories collected daily by our content team.

Users could subscribe to these channels and save stories to their favorites, eventually even creating custom playlists. 


Infinite Iterations

During the lifespan of Channel we went through dozens and dozens of iterations, ideas, concepts, experiments and prototypes. Most of our product decisions were guided by looking closely at our data and conducting various in-depth user interviews as well as surveys.




By Users

To allow user generated content to be posted along with our content team’s high quality professional content, we wanted our creation tools to encourage quality editing and an extremely intuitive interface was key to getting high profile content creators on our app.

After a considerable amount of prototyping and user testing we came up with a set of tools that proved to be a favorite among users. We also extended these tools to web for our partner creators.


Additional Credits

Product Manager

Marwan Roushdy